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AmPharma was formed for the purpose of marketing, distributing and manufacturing the highest quality dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, nutritional energy and meal replacement bars and veterinary products made of the purest and finest ingredients. At AmPharma we have one goal in mind and that is to “help the world achieve optimal health”. AmPharma's team has operated since 1994 and excelled in the marketplace in the US and Internationally by developing a complete new line of products formulateded in accordance with the newest scientific research and technologies. All the formulas are in compliance with all the FDA requirements, pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Acts (FD&C), the Fair Packaging and Labeling Acts (FPLA) and all other related regulatory laws and are freely sold in the USA market. AmPharma follows a manufacturing strategy which guarantees the highest premium quality products in FDA certified facilities and follows the highest standards of the cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice).

AmPharma’s philosophy of helping the world achieve optimal health is to provide pharmaceutical grade products that provide optimal nutrition, protect against environmental toxicants and to avoid chronic disease.

AmPharma’s Research and Development team consists of Medical Doctors, Pharmacists and Biochemists that are working continually on formulating new and complete products.

For the past several years AmPharma has worked through different channels and special interest groups to supply the consumer with the most advanced products in accordance with the latest scientific data and research and manufacturing technologies. AmPharma works together with the supplement industry group to improve and raise it to the highest standards. This in turn will assure the consumer will get the finest made products in the market.

Among AmPharma’s fine products are a series of multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and antioxidant softgels, hard gelatin capsules and tablets, as well as medical food and nutritional bars that are geared toward diabetics, athletes and weight loss programs. AmPharma is one of the first companies in the world to develop and market a complete line of multi-vitamin products in a softgel form. The acceptance of AmPharma’s products in the US market has been overwhelming, in addition to that AmPharma's exports reached to 16 different countries. . AmPharma's nutritional bars include weight loss bars, hypoglycemia management and meal replacement bars and Probiotic bars.

AmPharma's Veterinary branch supplies Enzymes & Probiotics, toxin binders, anti-stress, growth promoters, acidifiers, vitamin mixes and feed additives. AmPharma's veterinary line of products are available in solid, liquid and powder forms for a better feed-utilization, increased growth rate & production.

AmPharma's research team has worked in the veterinary field with several partners to establish a veterinary line of vaccines that will complement our product line. Each of AmPharma's affiliated companies has a well-established sales force in their respective distribution markets.

American Pharmaceutical Innovations Company's commitment to quality of all of its products is the number one priority and is not to be sacrificed at any cost. We feel that when you think about quality you think about American Pharmaceutical Innovations Company.


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Meet Our Team

AL MacKar, MD, Ms, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Sonya MacKar
Executive Director
Ray Shen
Director of Research & Development
John Estafanous
Director of Marketing
Kirill Sorial
Global Account Manager
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